Mount Sabinyo: the mountain that shall not be named

For the 48 hours following our time on Mount Sabinyo we couldn’t even mention its name without an involuntary wince of physical and emotional pain. Thankfully, that association lessened over time and I can now look back on our ‘day out’ up the mountain with a sense of pride and achievement. Mount Sabinyo is a…

You’re going where?! A holiday to Rwanda and Uganda

Standard pre-holiday office interaction: Colleague: “can you do X,Y,Z for me next week?” Me: “Sorry, I’m off on holiday for two weeks” “Oooh anywhere nice?”, “Errr, I hope so, Rwanda and Uganda”…. Reactions then ranged from “Where?” and “Why?” to “Is it safe?” to the not very up to date “Isn’t there still genocide there?”….