Lake Kivu, Rwanda: where to go and what to do

After our busy trip around Uganda featuring gorillas and volcanoes it was time to slow down the pace a little and kick back on the shores of beautiful Lake Kivu in Rwanda. From all our reading and chatting to people living in Rwanda we couldn’t decide between heading for Kibuye or Gisenyi, also confusingly known…

You’re going where?! A holiday to Rwanda and Uganda

Standard pre-holiday office interaction: Colleague: “can you do X,Y,Z for me next week?” Me: “Sorry, I’m off on holiday for two weeks” “Oooh anywhere nice?”, “Errr, I hope so, Rwanda and Uganda”…. Reactions then ranged from “Where?” and “Why?” to “Is it safe?” to the not very up to date “Isn’t there still genocide there?”….