Time outdoors, whatever the weather is time well spent. I hope this blog will document my adventures with a little inspiration thrown in along the way and will go to show that outdoor adventures can happen anytime, anywhere. They don’t have to be flashy in location or kit just being out there is all that is required.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened but after a few failed starts at a love affair with the outdoors (forced family walks in the pouring rain, splitting my lip open on a compass while on Duke of Edinburgh expedition to mention but a few) I am now head over heels with the possibilities and joy the outdoors brings me. With a full time job which is definitely indoors getting out there takes a bit of planning and commitment but every minute spent thinking about and plotting adventures is all worth it with that first lung full of fresh air.

I see this site as an online diary of things I’ve been up to. Sometimes when I feel surrounded by people who have adventurous lives full of ‘epic’ adventures I feel that I’m not in that club. We are all adventurers in our own little ways, sometimes you just have to look back and pick those moments out of the day to day inevitability of life. I could post about all the times in between the weekends away and days out but you probably wouldn’t be that interested in laundry Monday, what’s on telly Tuesday or bins out Thursday now would you?

I hope you enjoy reading and please share your outdoor adventures too! If you’d like these posts (and nothing else from me) direct to your inbox please sign up and follow the blog using the follow box below.

If you’d like to contact me about the blog or the outdoors in general please use the email zo.outdoors@gmail.com

Here are a couple of interviews I have done that might be of interest: Mightygoods.com and YHA magazine.

If forced to describe my blog I would say it is that of a professional who likes adventuring rather than a professional adventurer.

If there ever comes a time when I am paid or receive goods in exchange for content this will be clearly documented. None of the links in the posts are affiliate links they are purely there for your information.




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