Zo Outdoors has been nominated for the GO Outdoors best outdoor blog of 2018

The headline sort of says it all. I am quite surprised to have been picked to feature alongside some amazing, well established and much more professional blogs!

Have a look at the voting page here and you’ll find all sorts of blogs that will help 2019 be the first or another year of great outdoor adventures. With all areas of the UK represented and blogs from people from all walks and stages of life the list is a lovely snapshot of the thriving outdoor community. In a time where it’s easy to get a little forlorn at the targeted marketing and flurry of sponsored posts that appear after a press trip these blogs really feel focused on just getting out there and enjoying nature for its simplicity.

Happy voting, whoever you choose to vote for!


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  1. CW says:

    When did they draw the results of this? Well done on getting nominated. The pic you have of The Dower House on one of your other posts is brilliant.


    1. Zoe says:

      Thank you! A blog called The Adventures of Kate won – a very worthy winner. It was great just to be nominated 😀


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