The Architecture of Madrid and Seville: a phototour


Madrid’s Parks

Madrid’s modern architecture

Madrid Local Life

Seville’s historic architecture

Plaza De Espana

Alcazar de Sevilla

Seville’s modern architecture

Site of Expo ’92

Both cities were brilliant to visit, the green spaces of Madrid and it’s wonderful art galleries made for a great weekend, followed by the fantastic food, beer and very varied architecture of Seville. Travel between the two cities was so easy with the AVE train covering the 550km in two and half hours. Tickets for the Spanish rail network can be purchased from abroad, in the UK using the website, if you book a couple of months in advance some great deals can be found. Our tickets cost less than 30 euros each way. Big thanks to The Fry Up Inspector for his tip off about the Expo ’92 site – truly a unique experience!

Hope you enjoyed this slight change from my normal posts. In this case I hope pictures speak a thousand words!

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