One day adventures: Glastonbury Tor, Somerset


The longer I live in Bristol the ever widening circles I draw around the city to investigate new adventures. Don’t get me wrong I also love to re-visit some of my favourites which you can read about here on my Bristol page.

A few weekends ago a new destination was needed. As it was a gloriously sunny day somewhere with a view was in order. I’d been meaning to visit Glastonbury for a long time, I’d heard tell of a hill rising from the flattest land around and mystical goings on in the town itself.

About an hours drive from Bristol it’s certainly worth waiting for a day where you can capitalise on the fabulous views. I’d love to visit in Winter too as it is supposed to be a great spot to view the starling murmurations that form over the Somerset levels.

Parking in Glastonbury town we soon picked up the trail for the Tor, passing the first and second very unique Glastonbury attractions in quick succession; firstly the Somerset Rural Life Museum (currently closed but due to reopen this summer). Secondly, The White Spring, which was very atmospheric. I decided not to indulge in any naked bathing which, I was relieved to see, was permitted as it was a little chilly and off we continued up the Tor.

The Tor itself rises to a fairly paltry 158m but because it reaches that height from the flat as a pancake Somerset Levels it provides provides a spectacular 360 degree panorama of the surrounding area. As I hope you can see from these pictures the view is pretty far reaching.


The walk up takes a leisurely 30 minutes and would be a perfect family adventure. On our return we enjoyed a lovely tea and cake in Glastonbury town courtesy of The Hundred Monkeys cafe which I would recommend.

A little less adventurous than some previous outings but still a great day out and one that you could certainly combine with Wells (previously adventured – see link) to make a perfect Somerset weekend.

Gert lush!

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