Bringing the outdoors indoors

Sometimes life gets in the way of  quality outdoor time. Instead of gallivanting up mountains my summer is rather full of revision and work. However the mountains are never far away in my mind and I wanted to put together a little post to share with you a few things that have helped keen me sane during these indoor times…


Commuting to and from London has happened a lot recently. The view from the train is lovely but often I want to switch off and drift away somewhere. Two podcasts have really cheered my journey.

Mountain podcast by Christopher Sleight

A beautifully produced podcast with real variety in its content. I love that it is recorded on location so often you really feel like you’re in the cave or on the ridge with Christopher and his podcast gang. Highly recommended for some real escapism.

Jam Crack podcast by Niall Grimes

Slightly less polished but fantastic in a different way. Niall Grimes loves to climb and loves to talk about climbing to all and sundry. He comes across as exactly the sort of bloke you’d bump into in pub and 3 hours later, 5 pints down you’d be planning a climbing adventure for the next day with him. He’s interviewed some climbing legends and also sometimes reads his own climbing stories which are fantastic. Imagine if bedtime stories were written for climbers and read in a lilting Northern Irish accent. Perfect.

Dirtbag Diaries by Fitz Cahall

This american podcast is beautifully edited and put together. Featuring personal stories from the lovely hosts, fictional works by a wide range of contributors and travelog style pieces there really is an episode for everyone. There are also episodes featuring very personal stories of how the outdoors has changed peoples lives and episodes raising awareness of today’s issues in the outdoor environment; from diversity within the outdoor community to threatened environments. I particularly love their themed episodes; this years Christmas and Halloween specials were top notch! Add it to your subscription list now!

Adventure planning

The only thing that comes close to the joy of being on an outdoor adventure is planning an outdoor adventure! In my 10 minute revision breaks I’ve managed to line up a few little outings for summer/autumn.

Firstly I’m off on a scrambling course with Plas Y Brenin, unwittingly I have been signed up to the more extreme of the two courses they offer so I better pack my climbing harness and a good head for heights. I’m really excited about it as I’ve wanted to do some classic north wales scrambles for ages but confidence has been a little lacking. Hopefully I’ll come back with some new skills and be able to share them around with a few friends who I know won’t mind being ‘dragged’ up there!

Secondly I’m off the Pyrenees in September to my first ever hut to hut tour. Despite my love of all things mountainy I haven’t ever done a multiday trek in Europe (or abroad at all for that matter). The location for the tour is going to be the Posets Massif in the Spanish Pyrenees. I’d love to hear from you if you have any recommendations/tips for the area.

Tiny little local adventures

There’s always a bit of adventure to be found on your doorstep. I have managed to squeeze in some outdoor swimming at the delightful Henleaze Swimming Club and also spent a day creating a slip and slide in the back garden. Add to that a few little cycles around Bristol and suddenly, on reflection, perhaps life hasn’t been so devoid of adventure after all.

 I’d really like to hear any ways you manage to keep the adventure going when it feels like life is taking over!

Zoe x


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Niall Grimes is hilarious!

    ‘The Dirtbag Diaries’ and ‘MTN Meister” are also awesome outdoorsy podcasts.


    1. Zoe says:

      Thanks! Will definitely check them out


  2. Kat Young says:

    We have similar adventure plans! I’m doing a scrambling course at Plas Y Brenin (I think the week after you), and doing my first European hut-to-hut hike in September (in Switzerland). All the best!


    1. Zoe says:

      Look forward to hearing about your adventures! Which part of Switzerland?


      1. Kat Young says:

        The Alpine Pass Route, so east to west across the length of the Swiss Alps 🙂


      2. Zoe says:

        Whoa! Makes mine look like a Sunday stroll – good luck!


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