One day adventures: Chew Valley Lake Cycle


Time for another one day adventure; the countryside is never far away particularly if you are lucky enough to live in beautiful Bristol. In honor of the good old British summer we identified a 3 hour weather window among the rain showers and decided to take to the road on two wheels to maximise distance into countryside achieved.

My cycling companion was training for a Lands End to John O’Groats ride whereas my cycling recently has mainly involved a daily battle with Cotham Brow on my commute to work. A ride out that would feel worthy for both of us would involve me pushing myself a little. Thus it was imperative that the ride focused on a half way snack.

The ideal route sprung to mind; out to Chew Valley Lake to have a gander at Salt and Malt. Salt and Malt is newish and run by the team behind the Pony and Trap. It prides itself on its fish and chips hence the name but also does a lovely line in cafe style breakfasts, lunches and sweet treats.

Chew Valley Lake is an easy cycle from Bristol City Centre. Handily it sits right on National Cycle Route 3 which means that ‘all’ you need to do is follow the signs for cycle route 3. The easiest place to pick up the route is by Arnos Vale Park on the A4 in Brislington. From here the route takes you through fairly mundane beginnings with a tour of Tesco car park, followed by a meander through a housing estate before hitting the Whitchurch way an off road cycle path out south through the suburbs. The route really comes into its own after you have crossed the A47. Narrow country lanes are a delight to cycle down, the hills when they come are gradual and not too long; just enough to make you feel you’ve earned your cake.

With storm clouds brewing overhead and running slightly later than planned due to some technical difficulties en route we decided to return via the same route but with not too much effort the route could certainly be made into a loop  back via Dundry and Long Ashton.

I would really recommend this route and I can hands down vouch for the cakes at Salt and Malt. I’m looking forward to some more rides out this way to try more of the menu!

 There’s no denying cycling and cake puts a smile on everyone’s faces!

Happy exploring!


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  1. Wooo, how fab to come across another Bristol rider/blogger! I love to cycle out to Chew Valley… and you’re right… Salt & Malt is goooood! Another great countryside route is Bristol to Castle Combe – not only due to a great tea & scone stop at The Castle Inn Hotel 😉 ! There’s a link to the route within one of my recent blog posts if you fancy it x


    1. Zoe says:

      I’ve done that route! It’s a cracker. Hoping to get out lots more over the summer 🚴


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