Rajasthan: Eat, Drink, Stay, See

My top fives won’t be your top fives but you might just find them helpful if you’re planning a trip yourself. I’d love to hear yours because I know I’ll be going back!

Top 5 things to eatIMG_0642

  1. Chaphati cooked on an open fire in the desert near Jaisalmer
  2. Masala Dosa from Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan, branches throughout India; we ate in Delhi
  3. Peanut masala from The Gulaal, Jaisalmer
  4. Home cooking at Pratap Bhawan, Jaipur
  5. Thali from Hotel Priya, Jodphur – R145 of heaven

Top 5 things to drinklassi 3

  1. Chai on the trains – R10 of pure joy, often that’s just from the slogans on the cups
  2. Makhani Lassi, Jodphur – pudding in a glass
  3. Rosewater Lassi, Udaipur – my absolute favourite lassi but this contest was hotly debated amongst my travelling companions
  4. Sweet Lassi, Lassiwalla, Jaipur – some would say the original and best, came in its own clay pot which are made new everyday
  5. Fresh Lime Soda – available everywhere, the best ones come with sugar syrup to get the sweet/sharp balance just right

Top 5 places to stay


  1. Pratap Bawan, Jaipur – a lovely 4 room homestay run by the delightful Himanshu a talented wildlife photographer and guide. Excellent home cooking available on request.
  2. Rawla Narlai, Narlai (Between Udaipur and Jodphur) – luxurious heritage hotel with a really lovely pool. Situated in a small village with astonishing rock features that begged to be climbed for sunrise or sunset. I wish we could have stayed longer.
  3. Pleasant Haveli, Jaisalmer – the most helpful and friendly staff we encountered in Rajasthan. We loved their camel safari and their rooftop.
  4. The Gulaal, Jaisalmer – an oasis of calm with the biggest hotel room I have ever stayed in. Bigger than some flats I’ve lived in. Also the best peanut masala I ate in India.
  5. On the night train (2 AC class) – I LOVE travelling overnight on trains. I sleep well and the Indian trains are extremely well run. First class is unnecessary but 3 AC felt a little bit cosy – fine for a day journey but for me personally not what I’d choose for overnight. Check out seat61 for the low down on travel on Indian railways

Top 5 sites

  1. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur – Palace of the winds; a beautiful mini palace. Built to house the women of the court it was essentially a highly ornate prison. Fascinating and tranquil, with a lovely breeze.
  2. Anokhi Museum of hand printing , Amber, Nr Jaipur – A hands on museum in a beautifully restored haveli. Learn how hand printing blocks are made and then have a go. Make sure to stop at the old palace baths.
  3. Kumbhalgarh Fort, between Udaipur and Jodphur – an atmospheric although less ornate fort off the coach tour tourist trail. Its walls are said to be the second longest in the world after the Great Wall of China. I particularly loved this fort as I got to hold a super cute Indian baby that the parents shoved in my direction for a photo.
  4. Patwon-ki Haveli, Jaisalmer – an unexpected gem of a haveli complete with fantastic fort views from the rooftop, a great turban collection and some beautiful furnishings. Again photography featured heavily here with one of the owners acting as photographer for us in a number of slightly odd photo shoots around the building.
  5. The night sky in the Thar Desert – we requested a shooting star and lo and behold 30 minutes later while eating fresh papaya one appeared. Absolutely magical.
Making blocks for hand printing (Anokhi)
Hawa Mahal, Jaipur
haveli 2
Patwon-ki Haveli, Jaisalmer
The ornate exterior of Patwan-ki Haveli
anoki 2
Action shot of handprinting
camel 1
My favourite camel pre shooting stars to order in the Thar Desert

3 Comments Add yours

  1. anupriyabasu123 says:

    Very nice post! That’s a very good collection of things to eat, stay and see in Rajasthan. This state is one of my favorites in India, with so much diversity and hospitality. Keep writing about it.


    1. Zoe says:

      Thank you so much! As I hope you can tell I had a wonderful time. The hospitality was world class!


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