50 shades of green: Literary times in the Brecon Beacons

After my previous days exertions it was time to take a more chilled out approach to the mountains. With this in mind I set off to the small town of Hay-on-Wye, I had heard that it’s USP was its large number of bookshops. Now as you’ve probably gathered I LOVE mountains but I can’t be up mountains all the time so if I’m not up a mountain I’m very partial to either reading about mountains or people up mountains or planning adventures to mountains. Enter Hay-on-Wye; it was quite literally the best book based town I have ever been to. There were a plethora of shops to browse in with large travel sections and I procured myself some amazing finds that have already planted seeds for many adventures over the coming months.

AMAZING finds! Bring on Scotland, The Pyrenees and (Antarctica)

Handily Hay-on-Wye is also close to some pretty spectacular countryside dotted with some mini-mountains just ripe for a stroll up. My objective was Hay Bluff, selected as the best place to get a great view back out over perhaps Britain’s most unfortunately named mountain – Lord Hereford’s Knob (a source of unrivalled amusement when I went on a school trip to the same area in year 9) and the rest of the Brecons.  Armed with some directions from a very delightful volunteer in the tourist information centre I set off up the road, she was quite right when she said that the Bluff would be hard to miss and I could see plenty of paths to choose from wending their way up to its summit.

Twmpa or Lord Hereford’s Knob – Great name, great hill

I selected a gentle incline away from the crowds heading straight up to the summit and savored the steady climb up to the summit plateau, I sat on a sunny rock far removed from the hardy folk who’d nipped straight up the most obvious track inspecting the distant trig point before wandering over and having a look myself.

Looking towards the trig point – Hay Bluff

The view was stunning, looking along The Black Mountains with views back to where I had been the day before in the heart of the Brecons accompanied by at least 50 shades of green.

50 shades of green
Definitely more than 50 shades…

Get out there gang!


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